Seven Technologies Group: PR Leverage into Civil, Security & Law-Enforcement Markets

The Client

Seven Technologies Group (7TG), a prominent UK defence contractor specialising in covert intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, decided to expand into civil sectors. They developed i7ense, a groundbreaking software system capable of integrating data from independent sensor systems, automating decision-making, and reducing the need for multiple operators on the ground. The challenge was to launch i7ense to civil as well as defence buyers/specifiers in the UK and the USA. 

The Challenge 

The challenge at hand for 7TG was formidable, marked by a notable absence of prior engagement beyond international defence markets. The company faced limited exposure in press or stakeholder relations, hindered further by stringent commercial and security disclosure constraints surrounding their product. The challenge was exacerbated by the sensitivity surrounding terms like “AI” and “facial recognition” in the media, forcing the company to tread cautiously in its communications strategy.  

Moreover, the product launch, a pivotal moment for 7TG, experienced multiple delays compounded by a three-month lockdown. Amid these challenges, it became evident that the company’s product-centric mindset required a comprehensive re-evaluation to adapt to the evolving landscape and ensure a successful market entry. This challenge demanded strategic and innovative solutions to navigate the complexities and redefine 7TG’s approach to both product development and external relations. 

The Solution

In response to the challenges faced by 7TG, Montpellier executed a comprehensive strategy by devising an integrated media and marketing communications program. The first step involved a strategic repositioning of i7ense as the central hub within 7TG’s diverse portfolio. To achieve this, a meticulous company audit was conducted, resulting in the formulation of new values, vision, and mission statements. Montpellier authored a thorough Gap Analysis Report, offering a clear contrast between the company’s current status and its objectives. A tailored communications plan was then designed, targeting defence, civil, and Home Office sectors to ensure a targeted and effective outreach.  

A paradigm shift was encapsulated in the launch of a new corporate identity, aligning with the broader value proposition of i7ense. Thought leadership played a key role, with conceptual discussions on counterterrorism and AI, strategically engaging with key market events and facilitating media participation.  

The team undertook in-house media training for spokespeople, launched a media relations program across key sectors, attended strategic industry events, and actively engaged with the media through press packs, one-on-one interviews with editors, and the creation of opinion pieces. To enhance visibility, a two-part film showcasing i7ense in different scenarios was created, providing a dynamic and immersive portrayal of the product’s capabilities. The holistic approach undertaken by Montpellier’s consultants not only addressed the immediate challenges but also fostered a positive transformation in 7TG’s reputation and market positioning. 

The Outcomes

The outcomes of Montpellier’s strategic intervention for 7TG were both impactful and measurable. The integrated media and marketing communications program yielded 41 targeted opinion features and editorials across a spectrum of influential publications in police, defence, technology, and national security. The company secured key coverage in authoritative platforms such as Police Professional, Police Life, Global Military Communications, and SC Magazine, bolstering its credibility within these specialised sectors.  

The strategic focus on social media, particularly on LinkedIn, saw an impressive surge, with a remarkable 300% increase in followers within just nine months. Simultaneously, the revamped communication strategy translated into a substantial uptick in web traffic, witnessing a remarkable growth rate of 280%.  

Beyond visibility metrics, the initiative resulted in tangible outcomes, generating leads and attracting inquiries from the law enforcement sector, underscoring the success of Montpellier’s multifaceted approach in not only enhancing 7TG’s market presence but also driving meaningful engagement and business opportunities.