Vysus Group: Planit22 – Launching a Global Sustainability Campaign for Internal, and External, Stakeholders

The Client

Vysus Group, created following a carve out from Lloyd’s Register (LR Energy) in November 2020, is a leading energy sector engineering and technical consultancy that provides specialist asset performance, risk management and project management expertise across complex industrial assets, energy assets (oil and gas, nuclear, renewables), energy transition and rail infrastructure. They wanted to position themselves as leaders in sustainability and showcase their commitment to good environmental practices. 

The Challenge 

The primary goal of the campaign was to position Vysus Group as a thought leader in sustainable engineering and practice, highlight their innovative solutions, and reinforce their commitment to corporate responsibility showcasing the company’s sustainable and environmental credentials. The campaign sought to engage internal and external stakeholders, build brand awareness, and drive positive sentiment. 

The Solution

Montpellier designed a campaign entitled Planit22 which kicked off with a national B2B survey of 250 energy leaders to gather their insights into the most pressing matters in sustainability in the energy sector. We also developed an internal communications campaign where selected Vysus Group staff were named ‘Sustainability Champions’ and highlighted the work Vysus Group was doing in this space, as well as what the ‘champions’ did on a daily basis to improve their own sustainable ‘way of life’. These champions uploaded video content and completed questionnaires about their work and life which all drove internal engagement, through the creation of social media postcards. The CEO was also actively involved in the project contributing to a blog as the campaign progressed. 

Montpellier also leveraged Vysus Group’s expertise in sustainable engineering, designing a campaign around three tertials – educate, collaborate, integrate – with the stages working overtime to advance and demonstrate Vysus Group’s commitment to environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, and technological advancements. We designed video content around this which was used on the website and internally to drive engagement. 

To build further awareness of Vysus Group’s sustainability initiatives we developed a series of thought leadership articles positioning their experts as authoritative voices in the field of sustainable engineering. This content was widely disseminated through industry publications and social media. 

The Outcomes

The Planit22 campaign significantly increased Vysus Group’s brand visibility, with the website attracting 34,000 visitors. Engagement via stakeholder surveys indicated a notable improvement in perception, with stakeholders recognising Vysus Group as an industry leader committed to sustainable practices. Internal surveys showed a significant number of employees expressing a stronger sense of purpose and alignment with the company’s values. Vysus Group also gained significant media exposure and increased awareness around its sustainability initiatives with just under 90,000 readers reached within the first stage of the campaign