Welcome to Montcast; the new podcast courtesy of Montpellier. Hosted by our lead audio-visual content creator and PR account manager, Dan Burton, Montcast delves into issues faced by the PR industry, hosts interviews with journalists and influencers, and sheds light on key topics within PR and communications.

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Episode #1 – From the boardroom

In this first episode, Dan interviews three of Montpellier’s directors; Guy Woodcock, Dean Enon, and Roger Taylor. Each gives their insight into their respective roles at Montpellier, the clients their teams serve, and the changes PR and communications has faced since Montpellier was founded in 1991.

Episode #2 – Discussing visual content during COVID-19 with Edward Loades

Recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Montcast interviews Edward Loades of Black Cliff Media on what can be achieved through video content and animation, when the option to film does not necessarily exist.

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