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Video News

Video is a powerful addition when you aim to make a human connection to a story or explain a complicated concept. Adding video content to your press communications can provide a significant boost to take-up. PR Newswire research has indicated that it can boost media take-up by reaching five time more journalists when combined with a text release.

Using our own in-house video news team, Montpellier can provide a number of incremental PR video services.

Video Press Release (Typically 90 seconds)

Montpellier’s own news video unit offers a number of packages that make using moving images within your next press story both easy and cost effective.

Mini-Doc (3-4 minutes)

Whether as an expanded news release or as sales tool, a mini-documentary is a powerful communication tool to boost engagement. Prospects need reassurance before they buy and the larger the commitment, the more important the reinforcement. Conduct your potential customers through your sales story, supported by footage from real-life examples /demonstrations and featuring client testimonials. Mini-docs also provide a powerful device on your website and can be used in e-shots social media as well as part of your press relations.

Scriptwriting, studio, and outside camera units, interviewers and presenters are provided.

Graphics and titling within a comprehensive package of post-production.

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