Vessco Engineering: Establishing a Brand and Opening Up New Markets

The Client

LTI Metaltech, a leading engineering business specialising in precision fabrication and welding for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, renewable energy, nuclear fusion and rail & transport completed the acquisition of Vessco Engineering, a leading pressure vessel manufacturer for the nuclear, oil & gas and chemicals industry, in 2021.

The Challenge 

Founded in 2006, Vessco Engineering had little media exposure and brand recognition in the industrial and engineering press despite being a Tier 2 supplier to the turbine hall at Hinkley Point C, supplying large pressure vessels for GE Power Systems. The company, which employs 40 people on the Bridgend Industrial Estate, also has experience in oil & gas, power generation as well as water supply. The challenge was to craft a narrative around the work that Vessco has undertaken, especially around pressure vessels and how this expertise is vital and needed across sectors such as in the chemical and oil and gas industry. 

The Solution

Montpellier developed a cross cutting narrative that distilled the key points and technical knowledge of Vessco’s engineering team and used this  to develop a series of feature articles for the nuclear, oil and gas and chemical industry trade press. We worked to interview Vessco engineers to gain the technical insights and ‘lessons learned’ and then translated this into editorial features of how Vessco’s work for highly regulated industries, that need to meet the highest of quality and health and safety standards, could be applied across the wider industrial landscape. 

The Outcomes

Montpellier secured exclusive and bespoke thought leadership editorial, with 13 pieces of coverage gained in tier 1 publications such as The Chemical Industry Journal, Nuclear Engineering International, Energy & Sustainability Solutions, Oilman Magazine and Speciality Chemicals