ERADA - Launching an international malaria diagnostics campaign and corporate brand

The Client

In the world of healthcare innovation, ERADA, a collaborative venture between South African pioneers, Johns Hopkins University, and the Dinglasan Malaria Laboratory in Florida, US, developed new groundbreaking solutions to combat malaria. ERADA aimed to marry scientific excellence with ethical business practices. The focal point of their mission was the development and launch of SALVA!, a revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic technology for the early detection of malaria. 

The Challenge 

To successfully bring the SALVA! diagnostic technology to the forefront, ERADA faced the challenge of establishing a robust corporate brand to bring the product to market. Montpellier was brought in to shape its identity and effectively brand both the parent company and the innovative diagnostic product as well as conduct a global PR and stakeholder communications campaign to build brand awareness. 

The Solution

Montpellier embarked on a comprehensive strategy to transform ERADA’s identity. The first step involved a redesign of the ERADA logo, reflecting the organisation’s commitment to pioneering diagnostic solutions. Simultaneously, a new website was built to bolster ERADA’s public image, incorporating the straplines ‘Early Detection, Early Treatment – End Disease’ and ‘Committed to eradicating disease in the developing world.’

The next crucial phase focused on creating a distinctive brand for the diagnostic test kits. The result was the birth of SALVA!, a brand cleverly derived from ‘saliva,’ with the ‘i’ inverted and strategically placed at the end. This unique naming convention aimed to capture attention while emphasising the non-invasive nature of the diagnostic technology. 

Once the scientific peer reviewed research on the SALVA! diagnostic technology was published, Montpellier worked to develop an international PR campaign targeting the scientific, healthcare and investor community discussing the innovation and raising awareness of ERADA and the new SALVA! product. 

The Outcomes

ERADA’s collaboration with Montpellier resulted in a remarkable transformation marked by several key successes. First, a revamped online presence within two months of the brand overhaul led to a substantial increase in traffic, with 88% of users being new visitors—a testament to the effectiveness of the online content strategy. 

Second, the rebranding efforts, encompassing a new logo and online content campaigns, resonated positively with the target audience, solidifying ERADA’s position as a leader in innovative diagnostic solutions. The creation of the SALVA! sub-brand extended to product packaging and vehicle branding, successfully enhancing consumer awareness. The distinctive name and logo not only conveyed the product’s unique attributes but also significantly contributed to its visibility in the market. 

The PR and social media campaign, aligned to a global stakeholder mapping exercise to engage with key opinion formers from organisations such a WHO, Bill gates’ ‘Malaria No More’ campaign and other notable international NGOs, garnered significant international coverage raising awareness of both ERADA and SALVA!. Together, these achievements underscored the power of a well-executed branding strategy in establishing a strong market presence for ERADA and its groundbreaking diagnostic technology.