Promoting radar technology in the marine and mining sectors with Navtech Radar

The Client

Navtech Radar, a global leader in radar technology, specialises in providing innovative and high-performance radar solutions for a variety of industries, including security, transport, and industrial automation. With a strong commitment to technological advancement, Navtech Radar aims to deliver cutting-edge radar solutions that enhance safety, security, and efficiency across different sectors. 

The Challenge 

Navtech Radar approached Montpellier with the objective of enhancing its brand visibility and positioning the company as a thought leader in radar technology. The challenge was to communicate the value of Navtech Radar’s solutions, showcase its technological prowess, and differentiate the brand in a competitive market.

The Solution

Montpellier developed a comprehensive media relations led thought leadership campaign targeting key industry publications. Through strategic thought leadership articles, we aimed to secure coverage that highlighted Navtech Radar’s technological innovations and industry impact and build brand awareness in the key sectors of marine and mining. 

To establish Navtech Radar as a thought leader, Montpellier PR created a content calendar that included whitepapers, case studies, and thought leadership articles. These pieces of content delved into the challenges faced by the marine and mining industries and how Navtech Radar’s radar solutions provided effective and innovative solutions.  

The Outcomes

Over the course of a year, Montpellier PR executed the campaign with precision producing content to build awareness of Navtech and its solutions and position the company and its experts as thought leaders in the marine and mining industries in radar technology. 

Montpellier has secured 35 pieces of media coverage from October 2022 to date in leading industry publications, securing features on Navtech Radar’s technological advancements, partnerships, and successful case studies. This has reached an audience of 452,000 readers. 

Montpellier also researched, wrote and designed a series of whitepapers that demonstrated Navtech Radar’s expertise and showcased real-world applications of its radar solutions in areas such as the marine industry, discussing the challenges the industry faces and how Navtech’s radar solutions can solve pressing industry concerns. 

Navtech Radar has experienced a substantial increase in brand visibility, with a significant rise in media coverage and online presence with 115 brand mentions across all media as well as positioning Navtech Radar as a thought leader in radar technology.