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How less can be more in the era of TMI

We live in an age of oversharing. Social media is an endless stream of information and opinion – much of it utterly disposable. With more ways than ever of communicating,... Read More

Could Healthcare Be The First Industry To Have AI “Colleagues”?

AI systems detecting cancerous tumours and robots assisting surgeons in operating theatres sounds like a scene in a science-fiction film; but, in less than a decade, this could become reality.... Read More

Branding: aren’t we all trying to be Kim?

Brand identity is important: a recognisable name and image. Something that stands out and is easy to remember, but that doesn’t mean your identity has to be set in stone.... Read More

Focus on people to nurture growth

Here at Montpellier, we are all about people and the stories they tell: our wordsmiths strive to capture our clients’ personalities and vision and we always consider the audience that... Read More
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