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National Poetry Day: the perfect example of using language to facilitate change

Each year, on the first Thursday in October, National Poetry Day celebrates the contribution that poetry makes in our lives. The event encourages people, particularly school pupils, to “enjoy, discover,... Read More

From the classroom to comms

As an intern and career-changer, Montpellier PR is providing me with valuable experience in corporate communications. Reasons for choosing PR, its parallels with my former teaching career, and learnings so... Read More

From Battlespace to the Boardroom

Montpellier’s CEO, Guy Woodcock, formerly an infantry officer, shares his expertise on leadership and resilience in times of crisis.  I was an infantry officer prior to setting up my business... Read More

Make your consumer brand fly during the Covid Era!

A year ago, few people had heard of Covid-19. Now we live in a changed world. “Lockdown”, “Isolating”, “Shielding”, “Social Distancing”… these newly coined terms have become everyday parlance. Look... Read More

How to nurture visitors and convert hits into leads

How to nurture visitors and convert hits into leads With COVID-19 expected to continue imposing disruption on trade shows and face-to-face events for many months, business growth rate now relies... Read More
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