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Montcast Episode #1 – From the boardroom

Welcome to Montcast; the new podcast courtesy of Montpellier. Hosted by our lead audio-visual content creator and PR account manager, Dan Burton, Montcast will delve into the issues faced by... Read More

How the cloud can help your business fly

It’s 7pm and dark outside. You’re struggling to type by the poor light of streetlamps filtering through the window. The phone has been ringing off the hook all day, you... Read More

He hid, he’s found, he’s banned from every ground

Facial recognition is under the microscope again, after football fans and civil liberties groups have criticised its deployment at the upcoming Wales derby between Cardiff City and Swansea City this... Read More

Does your PR strategy include SEO? Here’s why it should.

Good content and outreach are the pillars of both an effective PR and SEO strategy, so it naturally follows that these two disciplines should be made to work hard together.... Read More

Could deepfake threaten public relations?

Deepfake may be the newest threat on the horizon to PR and media relations. We have previously discussed other threats from our fast evolving digital sphere to the integrity of... Read More

Gold, or a ‘nugget of purest green’ – are the mathematicians taking over?

Up until recently we were all networking. Now, we are ‘internetworking’. A recent trip to Digital X 2019 in Cologne, and the opening speech from Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Tim Hoettges,... Read More

The constant innovation of the modern age is shaping public relations and communications, but for better or worse?

Today, the ways in which we can communicate our clients’ mission and value proposition are endless, but when news spreads fast and wide, stories can hold less meaning. The rise... Read More

It’s all about the Journey

The language we choose to describe our business and its proposition is paramount to attracting the right clients, workforce, investors and other stakeholders who will be important to our future... Read More

Bill Gates: The Man Who Made People Care

Ten years ago, Bill Gates spoke about the malaria epidemic in his TED talk, Mosquitoes, Malaria and Education. Why is that talk so significant? Because, in it, Gates makes a... Read More
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