Crisis PR

Every business and every organisation is vulnerable to crises. The notion of playing ostrich simply isn’t an option, and more often not the stakes are so high in terms of customer relations, staff well-being or investor relations that a crisis needs to be grappled with and dealt with directly and quickly.  And given the power of the web and social media, bad news can become virus-like.

If you don’t prepare, you stand to incur more damage.

Dealing with a crisis should be on the back of prior contingency planning, and ideally rehearsals and understood internal guidelines and procedures, all of which Montpellier’ s senior consultants can support you with.  And if a crisis does kick off, then we can be at your side to help manage the whole process. We’ve won awards for it under the most testing of circumstances.

The basic steps of effective crisis communications are not difficult, but they require advance work in order to minimise damage. The slower the response, the more damage is incurred. So if you’re serious about crisis preparedness and response, talk to us now.

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Calm waters

Biolab Ltd. A subsidiary of an NYSE quoted chemicals group, with worldwide sales over $3.7 billion, in the UK, the business has a leading position in the market for pool and spa chemicals. A fire broke out and sparked a devastating explosion in the client’s facility. Montpellier were called in to dampen the effect any media fallout would have on the client’s reputation working as communications lead, co-ordinating media, messaging and liaison with a range of stakeholders. Outcome: coverage contained and Montpellier won the PRCA’s national Crisis Communications award!

Making the grade

Weymouth College. A new principal was parachuted in to find weak financial health of the College, which could potentially lead to a position of total insolvency compounded by disatisfaction amongst some staff and an entrenched reluctance to change plus a disastrous ranking in the FE College league tables charting 400 institutions, Weymouth College was judged one of the bottom of its kind. A ‘brand for change’ was developed by Montpellier, together with logo, named WeyForward and a change management strategy deployed in tandem with positive external PR.

Emergency operation

Medical client. Montpellier advised a healthcare client on a crisis and issues management strategy following reported failure of surgical procedures. This required immediate drafting of a defensive programme including reactive press statements, fielding of enquiries and communicating with patients, families and clinical stakeholders.