Our media is social and our social is media.

Social media is your own publication that lets you directly interact with your customers. It lets you become the reporter.

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Home Zone

Ad Hoc Property Management. The pioneer of the property guardian business model – where property owners benefit from the security and revenue provided by occupied premises and licensees find a low cost alternative to sky high rents. By instigating a carefully constructed social media strategy, Montpellier assist Ad Hoc in filling properties, reaching new clients and breathing new life into British buildings. Montpellier has developed a number of channels to communicate with distinctly separate audiences from local authorities and dioceses to prospective guardian groups including key worker nurses and teachers.

Leading social

The Leadership Trust. Developing high performance teams through their people’s individual performance is at the core of this company focused on helping organisations nurture leaders. The Leadership Trust boasts a network of over 50,000 alumni and an international rolodex. The use of social media as a way of communicating, sharing best practice and thought leadership across the globe, from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi, Seattle to Sri Lanka – plays a central role in keeping channels of communication open and integrating with sales teams and business development strategies.

Engineered for success

Omega Resource Group. As an award-winning recruitment business, Omega wanted to use social media to attract more clients than it had ever done before. Montpellier led the strategy with an advertising and social media campaign to boost its footprint with local candidates and national clients. Omega needed a social media and online presence. With Montpellier, it has carved a reputation as champion of engineering and technical recruitment among its target sectors.