There is rarely ever a one-size-fits-all solution for a PR or marketing campaign, although there are some shared attributes. One of these, in my view, is collaboration.

That isn’t just limited to within an agency or creative team, or even geographical locations. Creative tools and Cloud-based software have made putting a winning campaign together a much more collaborative process, with various skillsets merging together into one colossal entity.

The lines between individual groups involved in a campaign’s journey are getting thinner, but that is not a bad thing. In fact, without close relationships built right from the start, a campaign will not get the results everyone hopes for.

Clients are, and always should be, right at the heart of that process. And this is something we have experienced throughout 2022.

Indeed, the theme of collaboration formed a key part of a sustainability campaign we produced for engineering and technical consultancy, Vysus Group, named Planit22. Working with various members of Vysus Group’s international teams, including as far as Australia and the US at times, drawing on wide skillsets, constant communication, and above all, a shared desire to make the campaign a success and position Vysus Group as an ambassador for sustainable processes within the energy transition, made Planit22 one of our highlights for the year.

What Planit22 also exemplified is that campaigns need to leave a legacy – something that will stay in the minds of all stakeholder groups. In this case, the legacy is educating the energy sector on the challenges ahead, and how they can be met head-on, so that the next generations have a world to be proud of.

Don’t take our word for it though – see some of the work for yourself here!