Yes. Content is king.

Authored by our team of PR professionals, our copy is built on mastery of the written and spoken word.

Whether being addressed towards the commissioning editor, a social network that influences your proposition, the web audience, or sales literature, the written word lies at the heart of all we do.

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Talking Technology

Fluke Networks. The’ go-to’ resource for network security products and testing and troubleshooting gear for IT engineers needed to elevate their market profile through a range of communications activities. Montpellier produced a series of thought leadership and product support content, from technical white papers, case studies, webinar scripts and infographics to social media content, trade media bylined articles, commentaries and application press releases in target countries across Europe and the Middle East.

High pressure

LTi Metaltech. A spin-off from German global blue-chip, Siemens, this UK manufacturer of high pressure vessels wanted to break out of its single product market. To support LTi Metaltech’s diversification strategy, Montpellier followed its re-branding of the company with an on-line presence that more effectively pitched the company’s ability to provide high spec fabricated products to a range of other market applications.

Wood works worldwide

International Plywood. One of the largest plywood importers into the UK, and which started and remains substantially a family business, International Plywood Group needed to review their brand more effectively in order to stake the global claim they absolutely had a right to. Following our re-brand of the international group, Montpellier were tasked to create new family of websites – and content to go with this