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Public relations starts here

We exist to build, manage, expand, and when necessary protect a client’s public reputation.

We do so, guided by an intimate understanding of your corporate vision, in order that the public’s growth in respect for your proposition leads, in its simplest form, to success that you can measure.

And in the world’s increasingly complex maze that makes up the thing we call  ‘media’, that takes skills underpinned by years of highly relevant experience.

You’ve come to the right place.  It’s called Montpellier and we’d love to hear about you and your needs.

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Featured Specialisms

Technology and defence

Our award-winning technology team works with everyone from network and security software providers to distribution channels and telecomms businesses. We'll help you stay ahead in the digital age with a communications strategy that keeps pace with constant market innovation. From system breakdown to new product launches, we communicate to stakeholders with content individually tailored to...

Built and living environment

We provide innovative communications strategies for clients across a range of sectors that includes facilities management, construction, and civil engineering. We have the skills and the experience to handle anything from national awareness programmes to support for planning consultations, from thought-leadership programmes to crisis management. Montpellier’s expert team provides integrated communications solutions including strategic counsel,...

Health and science

Across everything from medical devices to private health provision, from pharmaceuticals to nano-technology, we deliver an effective health and science marketing communications service. We can help you with anything from social media and engagement with stakeholders (from patients and suppliers to clinicians and legislators) to media training and crisis management. Montpellier’s expert team provides integrated...

Professional and Commercial Services

Signed, sealed and delivered… From law firms and architects to accountants and bankers and a spectrum of professions, we are well versed in developing profile and managing reputations in the ever changing business consultancy world where compliance and professional rules require fast footwork and an eye for detail when communicating to stakeholders including clients and...

Public services and education

We’re here to help you message to stakeholders across a range of public services including both central and local government. We work for trade associations targeting mind-space with ministers, statutory bodies, clients in the third sector, not for profit organisations, education and training institutions. Montpellier’s expert team provides integrated communications solutions including strategic counsel, content,...

All Sectors

Since 1991, Montpellier has worked with clients in both the commercial and public spheres; there are few, if any, sectors we haven’t had experience of. Take a tour through some of these below. Or why not call and talk to one of our senior consultants? They'll be happy to talk about our experience in your...

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Who are we?


Montpellier is an independent public relations consultancy with brand development, creative and web services in-house.

Based in Cheltenham, we are two hours west of London, one hour south of Birmingham, and less than an hour north of Bristol.

Since the early 90s, we’ve supported current and aspiring market leaders in building and maintaining their brands.

Like us, our clients tend to be independently owned or independently minded businesses.

All of them aim to be leaders in their field. We help them get there – and stay there – with powerful marketing communications that speak clearly and with authority to all their audiences.

If you’re looking for a consultancy that ‘gets’ business and gets results, that’s us.

Our global reach

More than half the work we do is outside the UK, helping local and overseas businesses spread the word around the world. With associates and regional hubs in Europe, the US, and the Middle East, we’re well set up to provide effective support wherever it’s needed.

We work with clients all around the world
Scandanavia, Dubai, Boston and Seattle USA, Dar es Salam, Stuttgart. Where next? Our PR and communications team have a wealth of experience in dealing with the nuances and logistics of international markets.

We don’t do First or Business Class air travel, but we do have a track record in world class

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