What brought you to Montpellier PR & Creative?

As I have recently graduated from university, I was looking to develop my skills, expand my knowledge and gain some invaluable experience in a PR Agency. I found your company website online and noticed you emphasise how happy you are to accept work experience placement. I thought it would be a brilliant place to start.


What are you studying?

I studied French at the University of Southampton. As well as learning the language, my varied course included research and essay writing modules, enabling me to develop these skills which I wish to utilise during my future career. During my final year of study, I also completed an extra-curricular business programme, which introduced me to the concept of working with a team to fulfil a brief set by a real business client. It was this experience which encouraged me to pursue a career in marketing and communications.


What did you learn from your experience?

It has been such a helpful and informative experience, during which I have been given responsibility and have helped the team with live tasks. I have certainly learnt a breath of things about Public Relations. I have been shown how to research and write social media posts for clients, how to write a press release and to construct a media list of journalists to whom it will then be sent. I have been included on calls to case study participants but last and certainly not least, the task I enjoyed the most was creating a case study for a client.


What was your favourite thing about your Montpellier experience?

My favourite thing about my experience is, with no doubt, the people I have worked alongside. The atmosphere in the Montpellier PR department is so positive and welcoming whilst simultaneously professional and efficient. Each member of the team has helped me feel right at home, always happily answered my questions and encouraged me get the most out of my experience. So thank you very much to them!


What are your future aspirations?

In the future, I hope to begin a job doing agency work in the marketing and communications sector. Having been at Montpellier, I have encountered the variety of day to day work brought about by the wide selection of clients and hope to find a future position which will bring me similar opportunities to have such an interesting working day.