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The dynamic collaboration between humans and AI in graphic design

The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of graphic design, bringing forth a new era marked by unprecedented possibilities. Rather than replacing human creativity, AI is... Read More

What harm could a ban on facial recognition do? 

Integration of new technologies is usually swathed in scaremongering and controversy, but facial recognition has had more than its fair share. After more than two years of a global heated... Read More

Could podcasts be the next PR goldmine?

Fifteen years ago, above a Californian pizza shop, history was made. YouTube took its first steps into the world. From a small acorn, it has grown into the world’s largest... Read More

Infrastructure and defence

Across everything from capital projects like ship building, airports, and transport infrastructure to defence and security technology, we offer expert support from consultants with hands-on military and civilian experience. Whether... Read More

The Complete Service

YOUR COMMUNICATIONS BLUEPRINT Of course, not every client wants us (or others for that matter) to ‘do’ the integrating, but they do expect the elements that we are providing to operate... Read More

The constant innovation of the modern age is shaping public relations and communications, but for better or worse?

Today, the ways in which we can communicate our clients’ mission and value proposition are endless, but when news spreads fast and wide, stories can hold less meaning. The rise... Read More

How less can be more in the era of TMI

We live in an age of oversharing. Social media is an endless stream of information and opinion – much of it utterly disposable. With more ways than ever of communicating,... Read More

Could Healthcare Be The First Industry To Have AI “Colleagues”?

AI systems detecting cancerous tumours and robots assisting surgeons in operating theatres sounds like a scene in a science-fiction film; but, in less than a decade, this could become reality.... Read More

Branding: aren’t we all trying to be Kim?

Brand identity is important: a recognisable name and image. Something that stands out and is easy to remember, but that doesn’t mean your identity has to be set in stone.... Read More
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