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The Client:

Aquilant Endoscpy is one of the leading suppliers of specialist medical equipment in the UK, and the main supplier of FujiFilm endoscopy equipment throughout Europe. We are proud to have been working with Aquilant for the past seven years.  

The Challenge

Our main challenge this past year was to increase the company’s social engagement across Twitter and LinkedIn and to help it communicate its mission to its desired target demographic. We needed to raise awareness of the company within the endoscopy and gastroenterology specialism spheres, to help Aquilant Endoscopy connect to leading professionals in endoscopy, patients, healthcare specialists and new partners, as well as maintaining its relationships with existing partners.  


The Solution

To attract new followers and ensure continued engagement with the company’s desired target audience, we focused on quality over quantity. Aquilant Endoscopy wanted to target professionals in the industry, and this meant that each post had to be fresh, relevant and – most importantly – well-researched.  

We completed a break-down of social media engagement statistics and followers on a monthly basis. From this we could determine that we were attracting and retaining the right target demographic and also identify which types of post or topics performed the most highly 

Social media content was crafted carefully, with particular attention paid to using the right language, as health can sometimes be a sensitive issue, and the right hashtags and graphics, which we found were two main drivers for successful engagement. By engrossing ourselves in our client’s field, we have helped Aquilant to champion the issues that it cares about, such as patient care. We have used our knowledge of the industry and research of trends to pull out the topics that have kept the company’s social media conversations current and of interest to professionals in the field. With our help, engagement across social media accounts rocketed.  

The Results

  • Increased Twitter following by 143% within a year 
  • Increased LinkedIn following by 42% within a year 
  • We have continued to establish Aquilant as an industry leader in well-respected healthcare journals, including: Clinical Services Journal, Gastroenterology Today, Building Better Healthcare, Health Estate Journal and Digital Health News 

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