Here at Montpellier, we are all about people and the stories they tell: our wordsmiths strive to capture our clients’ personalities and vision and we always consider the audience that our words will reach; our designers capture the narrative journey of a brand in an image.

So when we all got together for our “vision day” last week, everyone was asked about their vision for the future of Montpellier and what story they’d like us to tell in three years’ time.

Our discussions sparked exciting ideas for future growth and one fact became abundantly clear: while money is a key driver for most things, morale, close bonds with the rest of the team, and exciting projects were also highly valued.

Daniel Burton, PR account manager, said: “I always look forward to coming into work. I’m part of a very supportive team. I’m always excited about client projects. I feel like I do meaningful work that impacts clients’ industries and makes a difference.

“If people are given meaningful work then motivation happens naturally.”

The PR and Communications sector is attracting a wealth of young, passionate individuals; the latest industry demographics report from the PRCA shows that the PR and Communications industry is a young one, with an average age of 28.

Guy Woodcock, CEO, said: “Our profession can make a powerful impact on the world. Our counsel, words and communications have the power to shape public perception, both in established industries going through change, such as the healthcare sector, and emerging industries, such as tech start-ups.

“This is why our industry attracts so many young people with the desire and drive to make a difference.”

But how can companies change and focus that drive?

It’s important for companies to find positive ways to motivate people and to ensure that teams are working together effectively. The key to keeping business running smoothly during busy periods is to work effectively as a team- to work hard, but also smart – rather than grinding down our individual gears.

Members of the team will have individual projects, but we are all ultimately working towards the same goal; it’s important to remember shared goals and to support others when we can.

Ideas for opportunities to strengthen bonds across our teams and across the company as a whole were suggested on our vision day; these ideas ranged from increasing the frequency of social opportunities and new projects that would bring colleagues together that didn’t often get the opportunity to work directly alongside each other.

Dean Enon, PR director, said, “Maintaining great relationships with clients is a given, but some companies overlook the importance of maintaining good internal company relationships too.

“Teams who know each other well and communicate effectively produce the best work. The office culture should be supportive and enthusiastic to bring out the best in everybody. Providing opportunities for teams to develop close bonds and to spend a bit of time getting to know each other can benefit all areas of business.”



By Georgina Bull

Senior PR Account Executive