Established platforms like Adobe Creative Suite and Hootsuite are likely to keep their place at the top of the Christmas tree, so to speak, for some time yet, but there are some great alternatives that have aided collaborative working.

One of my personal favourites is Canva, an online design tool that enables multiple ‘teams’ to work on a design project at the same time, and build a brand, together, by adding fonts and pantone colours, amongst other attributes. For team members working remotely, being able to quickly hop onto the software once a change or suggestion has been made to a design aids decision-making and discussion, with alterations being complete there and then, from any location.

While the video and audio elements of Canva are still being developed to their full potential, there are tools in its toolbox that can, at the very least, provide a rough ‘skeleton’ of how a company video and even websites could potentially look. Canva’s latest Docs offerings also afford an additional element of creativity in compiling reports and other messaging documentation.

And with digital PR gaining further interest, the ability to produce memorable and insightful content that truly captures the audience’s attention will be critical. Having the means to share such assets, without them being lost in email threads and multiple PDF versions, makes the digital future of PR an exciting one.