Video Content

Video content offers a powerful ingredient to your on-line and offline marketing. It is predicted that 74% of all web traffic will be video by 2017, which explains why YouTube is currently the second largest search engine on the internet.

Effectively video makes your internet pages more ‘sticky’ for in-bound visitors and reduces bounce rates whilst increasing engagement levels. This, in turn, has a magical effect on your SEO results.

Providing video content in email campaigns boosts open levels by 19% and click-through rates by a whopping 65%.

Montpellier’s internal Video Unit offer a range of packages that aim to make including moving image content on your web assets both easy and cost effective.

Web talkers (15-30 secs)

Guide your visitors through your web pages by welcoming their arrival, reinforce key messages with a personal touch and ultimately ask them to take the next step. Especially effective for consultancy based services or where a degree of reassurance is required. Ideal for explaining complicated solutions and services too.

The recording is conducted at our studio which has a green screen and teleprompt facility using professional presenters or company spokesmen (training provided).

Scriptwriting, graphics and titling provided.

Testimonials (2-3 minutes)

Video is the key digital media for offering proof. Short videos featuring the recommendations and testimonials of happy clients, is a highly effective mechanism for ‘closing’ a new sale.

Our TV camera team will visit clients throughout the UK and worldwide to gather these valuable assets.

Explainer or how to… (2+ minutes)

Highly graphic chalkboard demos or more animated walk-throughs of complicated visual concepts and technical  demonstrations.

Live events (10-90 minutes)

Make your investment in trade shows, user conferences and press events last longer. Provides an opportunity to capture customer and attendee feedback through vox pop on camera interviews. Enables you to offer the event content to non-attendees. You can build presentation material into an online tutorial resource.

Midi-Doc (8-10 minutes)

Introduce your company to customers seeking long-term and high-value relationships. Issue-based films that offer value to the viewer on topics that feature the solutions that your company provides. Excellent ‘About us’ content that builds confidence. Additionally, useful for main reception and for showing at conferences and trade shows.

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Technology on tap

Fluke Networks. The go-to resource for network security products and testing and troubleshooting gear for IT engineers needed to ramp up their profile through a range of activities. Montpellier created high level message platforms for the business ranging from technical white papers and webinar scripts to social media sound bites and trade media bylined articles in target countries. Montpellier mobilised resources across Europe and the Middle East.

Atmosphere of trust

M+W Products. The global leader in manufacturing of cleanroom technologies and controlled environments wanted to break into new market sectors. Montpellier’s senior corporate team has been involved in development of brand positioning and internal research assignments to incorporate mission, value proposition and strategic positioning. This required interviews with client executives worldwide and market and competitor analysis, presented to the client MD and senior colleagues. The strategic map developed by Montpellier is now being implemented with roll out of collateral, events, media and social media presence worldwide.

Lessons learned

Class People. Education recruitment consultancy LB Education Ltd started life with the initials of its founder in its name. Working closely with Lynis Bassett, Montpellier re-branded this fast growing recruitment firm Class People. And this was followed by new literature and materials. Before this was possible, and before commencing the company’s first ever steps in PR, we carried out a message review of the business, identifying and organising messages against target audiences representing the firm’s stakeholders.