Looking for a large e-commerce website or a bespoke brochure website?  Montpellier’s award-winning web and design team use advanced content management systems to suit all needs. Using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for your page content, you enjoy complete control over page content and website structure.

Our systems allow you to update your site without the need for technical know-how or advanced computer skills, from any device with internet access. No requirement for installing any software either.

Update page content, upload new images, add media content – such as video and upload documents for your visitors-  as well as choosing calls-to-action to drop in to individual pages. .

Whilst our own core content management systems will suit most of our clients, we realise that no one size fits all.  We pride ourselves on being experts with many platforms, including Wordpress and Magento.

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Jockey Club Racecourses

The bespoke content management system for the Jockey Club Racecourses websites allowed one CMS system to run seven of their smaller course websites, providing easy central management by the group and yet allowing individual freedom for each of the courses.

ACID website member content management system with backend control

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The Simply Business Energy site employs a bespoke CMS for the creation of knowledge base articles and bespoke landing pages for SEO purposes.