In today’s digital world, getting noticed by prospects is becoming more of a challenge. But what if they came to you, rather than you chasing them? What if, in addition to carefully crafted content pushed out to ‘ready-made’ audiences through PR, you supplemented this with creating your own audience, and delivered to them the content they crave?

Inbound content marketing does exactly that. It is a method which attracts your target audience through content designed to address the challenges they face.

Rather than be outwardly “salsey”, inbound content marketing nurtures a relationship over time, builds trust and reminds your audience why you are the go-to in your field.

So what content can you use? Some of the best examples include:

  • An industry report or white paper
  • A video or piece of targeted animation
  • An infographic
  • A webinar
  • A podcast
  • An e-book

In other words, anything that will make you memorable and authoritative.

Quality over quantity

Our inbound content marketing campaigns target the groups and decision-makers you want to engage with. Developing a pool of carefully selected and GDPR-compliant data ensures that your messaging resonates.

Our data and content experts work in tandem, managing the entire process from data building to planning and distributing content, whilst at the same time, giving you the final say on what we send.

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