Over seventy percent of all purchases start in a search engine, with Google receiving over eighty percent of all searches on the Internet.  Meanwhile, a staggering ninety percent of all search engine clicks go to the first half of page one.

Montpellier’s web technicians understand that, behind all of these statistics in the vast crowd of the Internet, there is someone trying to promote their own organisation.

For some businesses, being highly placed in Google searches or complete is the difference between success and commercial failure. 

Montpellier have been helping clients with their SEO needs since almost as long ago as the Web came into being. We have obviously seen a lot of change in this time and now harness the knowledge we have gained to help you to not just get into the top slots in search engine rankings, but also to understand how that translates commercially.

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Search and find: Simplicity

Simplicity Group. A dynamic company that has earned a reputation for being the UK’s most innovative and fastest growing specialist provider of outsourced back office and financial solutions to the recruitment sector. Montpellier developed and implemented the on and offsite SEO strategy to support a growing number of products and services. Newly created and legacy sub brands and offerings were inter-connected through a mix of fresh, jargon-free but relevant and search-friendly phrasing and content. The blog post strategy matched the key messaging to loop back to the family of webs to support inbound marketing and a concerted outbound sales effort.

Leading the search for leadership and trust

The Leadership Trust. Developing high performance teams through their people’s individual performance is at the core of this company focused on helping organisations develop leaders. When redesigning the website for The Leadership Trust, it was imperative that a water tight SEO strategy was put in place. Throughout the creation of content and design, SEO played a central role and will ensure The Leadership Trust reach their target audience.

Searching for cheap accommodation

Targeted SEO strategy to place the Ad Hoc Property site in front of viewers looking for cheap accommodation, or property owners looking to protect their properties.