Atmosphere of trust

M+W Products. The global leader in manufacturing of cleanroom technologies and controlled environments, traces its origin back to a modest plan hatched between two friends in a German beer garden. Their challenge was to separate wood chips and dust in a manufacturing setting. Now M+W helps clients in micro-processor production and life science sectors, demanding ultra-pure production environments. Montpellier’s brief has ranged from brand positioning and internal research studies to incorporate mission, values and strategic positioning to roll out of collateral, events, media and social media presence worldwide as the business protects its position in existing markets and develops new opportunities.

Client: – M+W Products
Project: – PR | Brochure Design | E-marketing

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A major part of our work with M+W Group is built around promoting the group’s 100 year history and market authority around cleanroom technologies

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To achieve this, we need to get the under the skin of an organisation, teasing out a compelling and persuasive set of consistently applied messages for the business and its ongoing marketing communications

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