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How to nurture visitors and convert hits into leads

How to nurture visitors and convert hits into leads With COVID-19 expected to continue imposing disruption on trade shows and face-to-face events for many months, business growth rate now relies... Read More

Are virtual internships the way ahead?

Covid-19 has done a real number on the economy, hasn’t it? With high streets closed and everyone holed up in their homes, the economy contracted 20.4% between April and June... Read More

We must all adapt and find our place in a new world

  It is perfectly obvious to anyone that business leaders are currently navigating uncharted waters as never before. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a period of extreme uncertainty and... Read More

Montcast Episode #2 – Discussing visual content during COVID-19 with Edward Loades

Recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Montcast interviews Edward Loades of Black Cliff Media on what can be achieved through video content and animation, when the option to film... Read More

Do we want to be private or safe?

It has been proposed that Ofcom will hold social media companies to account for potentially harmful content on their platforms. This follows two recent terror attacks in London and the... Read More

What harm could a ban on facial recognition do? 

Integration of new technologies is usually swathed in scaremongering and controversy, but facial recognition has had more than its fair share. After more than two years of a global heated... Read More

Could podcasts be the next PR goldmine?

Fifteen years ago, above a Californian pizza shop, history was made. YouTube took its first steps into the world. From a small acorn, it has grown into the world’s largest... Read More

Montcast Episode #1 – From the boardroom

Welcome to Montcast; the new podcast courtesy of Montpellier. Hosted by our lead audio-visual content creator and PR account manager, Dan Burton, Montcast will delve into the issues faced by... Read More

How the cloud can help your business fly

It’s 7pm and dark outside. You’re struggling to type by the poor light of streetlamps filtering through the window. The phone has been ringing off the hook all day, you... Read More

He hid, he’s found, he’s banned from every ground

Facial recognition is under the microscope again, after football fans and civil liberties groups have criticised its deployment at the upcoming Wales derby between Cardiff City and Swansea City this... Read More
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