We have experience of designing and building modules or whole systems that integrate seamlessly with existing in-house processes and or software, joining front-end with back-end operations.  We can also provide incremental solutions that can be stitched into existing web functions, including API and IFrame solutions.

No longer is a website merely a marketing window on your organisation, but potentially an entire interactive environment for achieving business and organisational solutions

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Vetting Potential Employees in Africa

Montpellier was commissioned to create an online web software for the storage of East African employee data for use by paid members during the recruitment process.  After it’s initial release, Montpellier have also carried out additional work to introduce new functions, such as an employee portal, to appeal to a wider user base.

Backoffice Quote Management System

Business Energy price comparison site. Back office management system with postcode and meter lookup. Tracking of agents to quotes.

Member Account Invoicing and Management System

Member accounts invoicing and display management system for the ACID Databank and Marketplace systems. Featuring automated invoice reminders and account activity tracking.