Ad Hoc Property

Ad Hoc Property place Property Guardians in vacant properties to protect them on behalf of the properties owners.

Client: – Ad Hoc Property
Project: – PR | Sub Brand Identity | Brochure Design

The pioneer of the property guardian business model – where property owners benefit from the security and revenue provided by occupied premises and licensees find a low cost alternative to sky high rents.

Ad Hoc was founded in the Netherlands in 1990 and has since become the European market leader in vacant property protection using the Property Guardian model.  Now with 17 branches in the Netherlands and UK and 150 staff Ad Hoc ensures vacant properties are protected from threats such as squatting and asset stripping through socially responsible property protection.  Using Property Guardians means buildings are not left to become derelict, but instead provide affordable accommodation to responsible, working people. Ad Hoc was established in the UK in 2006 and has since grown to open 9 offices, managing hundreds of buildings and working with thousands of Guardians.  Montpellier provides a full service integrated programme joining PR and media teams to digital and creative experts as part of the strategy to address the disparate stakeholders and ensure Ad Hoc continues to increase market share in a competitive and fast changing market.

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An Explainer Video Produced to Explain the Concept

Montpellier produced a 3 minute animated video to explain in a light-hearted but clear way how Guardianship works. Cost effective and effective marketing!

A series of short Videos produced my Montpellier for the Ad Hoc website

Montpellier produced a series of Vox Pop videos for Ad Hoc featuring Guardians showcasing their accommodation and their reasons for living life the Ad Hoc way! These were produced, edited and launched on the Ad Hoc website in less than ten days.